With over 25 combined years of engineering, sales, and project management experience, I love to help clients optimize operations for growth and profitability.  My services are designed with one goal in mind – to help clients make more money.  I do this through a consultative approach in uncovering areas of opportunity and implementing the appropriate solutions. 

Below are some examples of the results achieved:

  • increased sales revenue 51% year over year
  • grew sales pipeline by 10X in 6 months
  • led over $175M in global contract negotiations
  • served as project leader to launch a centralized distribution center in the UK
  • led 2 distribution center startups in Asia
  • designed and implemented over 20 distribution centers including office spaces, storage, and packaging lines
  • led the system integration work and marketing with over 20 partner solutions

Please note that TK7 Products, LLC is not presently able to take orders for TK7 fuel additive products. To contact the manufacturer, write to Tal Tech, LLC, 200 SE 3rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73129.

My work has allowed me to be support orphans with food and education resources in 7 countries around the globe.  In October 2019, my wife and I were fortunate to participate in a vision trip to Ecuador with a group from Compassion International.  We were able to meet a family we have known through correspondence for 12 years and that was a life-changing experience.

In another volunteer role, I led the fundraising and provided project management to build a farming Coop and buy a farming tractor in Ngarium Uganda to support a community of 600 orphans.  The mission projects have been the most rewarding projects of my career. 

Check out the Ngarium Uganda Farming Co-op and Tractor Project.

I provide engineering, project leadership, and project management resources to help companies and non-profits achieve amazing results.  My work experience includes international engagements with publicly-traded companies spanning Asia, Europe and North America.

I have been fortunate to present solutions and strategies at supply chain conferences, on national podcasts, and I have been published numerous times.

Clients have paid $2,500 per day for my expertise.

I bring engineering and business development knowledge along with real-world experience to help clients who are looking to improve profit margins and optimize operations for growth.