About Me

Directly out of college in 1996 with an Industrial Engineering degree, I was tasked with streamlining electronics repair and warehousing operations spanning Mexico and the US for a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. During that time, I presented results and project plans monthly to the company leadership along with uncovering and presenting new opportunities.

I then traveled to Asia and Europe in delivering projects for other international companies. That work was always about delivering great improvements and then moving into the next big improvement area with a solid ROI.

The first consulting company I worked for helped clients launch overseas operations and streamline existing operations.  This work involved helping to launch distribution operations and generating better results with less cash outlay.  After being a road warrior for years, I settled down in my home state of Oklahoma and started a family.

I have been a featured speaker at numerous supply chain conferences and have provided insights and thought leadership for leading supply chain publications based on those hands-on implementation experiences around the globe.